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Work Permit in Vietnam 

If you’re a Vietnam business in search of overseas talents or an ambitious foreign professional eyeing a career in Vietnam, entrust our immigration experts to guide you through the process of securing a work permit effortlessly.

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Understanding Work Permit 

Work Permits

in total


02 years

Validity duration

04 weeks

Processing time

Work Permit in Vietnam

Work Permits in total


Validity duration

Processing time

Procedure for Work Permit Application

Five Steps in Work Permit Applications!

Obtaining a work permit in Vietnam involves a laborious and headache-ridden application procedure. However, our support in planning and preparing necessary documents contributes to a more efficient and successful process, ensuring optimal outcomes. Let’s break down the five stages for you:

Required Documents for Work Permit Application

What is required for your work permit application?

How do you start the application for a Vietnam temporary residence card?

Outlined below are the necessary documents for the work permit application process. While there may be slight variations for specific applications or individual circumstances, the standard documents provided will generally apply to most cases, with some exceptions for certain professions like coaches, football players, pilots: 

*Note: Items marked with an asterisk may have specific additional requirements.

 Work Permit Application Process and Timeline Overview

What is the process for applying for a work permit in Vietnam?

Handling the entire work permit application process from beginning to end

Temporary residence card in Vietnam


Frequently Asked Questions

Under the new law on immigration which became effective on July 1st, 2020, foreign shareholders who invest VND 3,000,000,000 (around US$ 130,000) or more into their Vietnam company can get a 2-3 year Temporary Residence Card, which also can be renewed afterward. In addition, they can obtain Temporary Residence Cards for their dependents. 

Those who invest less than such an amount can only obtain a 1-year investment visa and cannot obtain 1-year visas for their dependents. 

It will take us about one week to get a Temporary Residence Card

Yes, you absolutely can. Your Vietnam company can sponsor your Vietnam Investment Visa or Vietnam Working Visa.

Upon obtaining the Vietnam Investment Visa or Vietnam Working Visa, you may apply for a Temporary Residence Card (TRC) and it can be renewed upon its expiry.

This Temporary Residence Card (TRC) will also serve as a long-term visa.

No, you cannot. Work Permit Exemption and Temporary Residence Card are issued per one specific company.

You can only work for an employer (your Vietnam company) that has sponsored your visa.

No, you don’t. An individual shareholder like you does not need to obtain a Vietnam work permit to work for your Vietnamese company.

However, you need to apply for a Vietnam Work Permit Exemption instead. It’s a special Vietnam working visa issued to foreign shareholders of Vietnamese companies.

It allows you to work exclusively for your company. It’s valid for 1 to 2 years and can be renewed afterward.

If you are a shareholder of a Vietnam company, you are not required to apply for a Vietnam Work Permit to work for your Vietnam company.

Instead, you must apply for a Vietnam Work Permit Exemption with the term of up to 2 years and can be renewed upon its expiry. 

Your Vietnamese company must obtain Vietnam Work Permits for any other foreigners who work for your Vietnamese company, except for cases where such employees are also exempt from Vietnam Work Permits (in that case, they must obtain Vietnam Work Permit Exemptions instead). 

It’s a type of investment visa just issued to a foreign shareholder of a Vietnam company whose name appears on an Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) or an Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC).

It’s a working visa sponsored by a specific Vietnam company, enabling such a company to invite foreign professionals to enter Vietnam and work for the inviting company.

It allows you to work exclusively for that company, live, and bring your family to Vietnam. The length of the labor contract determines its duration but, in any case, is no more than two (2) years long.

If you are a shareholder of a Vietnam company, you must obtain a Vietnam Work Permit or Vietnam Work Permit Exemption before applying for a Vietnam Working Visa. 

If you are not a shareholder and want to work for a specific Vietnam company, you must have an offer of employment to fill a genuine job vacancy of that Vietnam company. The sponsoring company must apply for a Vietnam Work Permit for you before you can obtain a Vietnam Working Visa.  

To get a Vietnam Work Permit, you need to qualify for the job, which means your health, background, experience, and education in the relevant field, and clean criminal record must meet the requirements of the Vietnamese laws. 

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