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Contract service is one of our greatest strengths and we are so proud of our expertise in this area. Our lawyers and professionals, with legal knowledge and practical business mindset, always bring well-prepared contracts as well as excellent contract negotiating strategy. We believe that the success of handling a contract not only comes from the knowledge and skills of the lawyer but also a thorough understanding of clients’ business and the deep insight into clients’ transactions. With such a philosophy, we provide comprehensive contract services focusing on driving clients’ business to success. Saving time and money, ensuring transaction safety, achieving objectives are what clients can benefit from our support on contracts.


Contract Drafting:

Contracts, under our lawyers’ handling, are well-prepared based on a comprehensive approach of legal and commercial aspects together with a deep understanding of clients’ transactions. Our drafted contracts of high quality and meeting your specific requirements will help you and your company to:

  • structure contractual transactions to maximize the rights and interests of clients
  • limit legal and commercial risks
  • strengthen your commercial relationships with your customers or vendors.

Contract Reviewing & Consultation:

Similar to contract drafting, when reviewing existing contracts, our lawyers will help to:

  • protect your business, your rights, and interests in deals
  • recognize potential risks and reduce or control them by amending terms and conditions
  • ensure the validity and enforceability, especially for international contracts
  • provide advice on legal and commercial aspects of all types of contracts

Contract Negotiation:

We believe that our robust negotiation strategy will really work and help you develop your business relationships whilst getting the best deals for your business. In contract negotiation, our lawyers will:

  • advise clients on strategic matters in negotiation
  • provide analysis of transactions prior to negotiation
  • identify and discuss with clients about contractual issues that matter
  • effectively discuss with clients’ partners or customers on a win-win basis

Contract Management:

Different from other law firms that only stop at contract writing services, our law firm, with a strong desire of accompanying clients and a deep insight into actual contract management of most companies, would like to go a further step with clients. For contract management service, we will, based on the features of your business, design and assist in putting a contract management system into the business which enables you to manage all contracts, monitor contract performance, maintain contractual relationships, etc. We believe that an effective contract management system will bring efficiency to your business activities.

Contract Audit:

We also offer contract audit service with the desire to help clients manage and follow their contracts efficiently. This involves a thorough check and assessment of your current contracts and contract tracking in your company, and then, we will propose solutions and plans to improve your contract management and help you to reach the optimization regarding this matter.

Contract Training:

Having long and thorough experience in training and coaching for many companies and corporations, our lawyers are experts in contract training for relevant staff. Our training will help your staff to understand well about all matters related to contracts and contract management, e.g.: preparing before signing a contract, checking fundamental terms when receiving a sample contract from suppliers, etc.


Our service fees will be flexibly calculated on the basis of ensuring clients’ rights and interests. For contract negotiation, we will usually charge based on an hourly rate depending on the specific lawyer acting in the matter. However, for drafting and reviewing contracts, we often offer a lump sum or fixed fee package on a per-transaction basis which is competitive and reasonable for your business. We also offer flexible packages for contract management, audit or training.

In particular, for the desire of establishing long-term cooperation relationships with clients, we usually offer attractive discounts for clients having used our services, especially incorporation services.


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