Vietnam Visa for foreign workers during Covid 19

During the epidemic Covid 19 was gradually being controlled in Vietnam. The production and business activities of enterprises are gradually restored, leading to the demand for labor. In order to meet the labor demands of enterprises in the current business recovery process, enterprises in Vietnam have been recruiting foreign workers. With the support of government policy, the company can recruit foreigners to work in Vietnam during the Covid 19 period.

So how can foreign workers work in Vietnam during Covid 19?

Tóm tắt nội dung

I. Subjects

According to Official Letter No. 2847/CV-BCĐ dated 23/05/2020 and Official Letter No. 3949 / CV-BCD dated 24/07/2020 of the National Steering Committee for Covid 19 epidemic prevention, Foreign workers must fall into the following cases:

– Technical experts;

– High-tech labor;

– Business managers.

Ii. Conditions

Foreign workers wishing to work in Vietnam must be carried out by agencies, organizations and enterprises in Vietnam to apply for visas for foreigners in the current Covid 19 period.

In addition, foreign workers must satisfy the following conditions:

– Foreigners must be tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 by PCR test before entering Vietnam at a government-approved laboratory or the World Health Organization’s laboratory system.

– Foreigners must have international health insurance or be guaranteed by an organization or enterprise in case of having Covid 19.

– Comply with quarantine and medical reporting requirements in Vietnam.

Iii. Procedures and records

a) For guarantee organizations and enterprises

Step 1: Apply for entry at the People’s Committee. The application will be included:

+ An application explaining the demand for foreign workers;

+ List of foreigners expected to enter Vietnam;

+ Passport of foreigners;

+ Other documents;

Step 2: Register the quarantine and quarantine plan at the local Department of Health.

+ Quarantine plan;

+ Contract to rent a room at the quarantine place;

+ Approval by the local People’s Committee;

+ Other documents.

Step 3: Apply for immigration approval from the Immigration Department.

+ Approval by the local People’s Committee and Department of Health;

+ A written request for entry approval;

+ A document introducing the seal sample of the organization or enterprise;

+ The isolation plan of the Company;

+ Air ticket;

+ Enterprise Registration Certificate, Investment Registration Certificate;

+ Other documents.

b) For foreign workers

After being guaranteed by an organization or enterprise and fully meeting the prescribed conditions, the foreign worker will contact the diplomatic mission of Vietnam to be granted a visa to enter. Vietnam.

Iv. Implementation time

Depending on the process of processing and evaluating documents of the competent authority, the procedure to apply for visa approval for foreign workers to enter Vietnam will take about 4-6 weeks.