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Build a Fortress Around Your Brands

Welcome to LTS Law Firm, where we turn your brand into an unshakable asset. Secure your business identity with our expert Trademark Registration services. We can help you secure your trademark and protect your brand’s future. We’ll guide you through every step of the process, from conducting a comprehensive trademark search to filing your application and navigating the legalities.

Exploring the Diverse Realm of Trademarks

Explore a myriad of trademarks, from word marks to logos, discovering the diverse forms that uniquely define and protect brands.

A word mark is a trademark that consists solely of words or letters, without any specific design elements. It could be your brand name, a slogan, or a combination of words that uniquely represent your business. 

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Design marks, also known as logo marks, are visual symbols that go beyond words. These trademarks rely on unique designs, graphics, or stylized elements to create a distinctive visual identity for your brand.

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As the name suggests, combined marks blend words and design elements into a unified whole. This versatile approach allows for a comprehensive representation of your brand, combining the impact of language and visuals. 

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Why Trademark Registration Matters?

Don’t Delay, Protect Your Rights

Protect Your Brand Identity

Your brand is the heartbeat of your business, and safeguarding its identity is paramount. Trademark registration offers an impenetrable shield, preventing others from using similar marks that could confuse your customers. In a world brimming with competition, your brand deserves the assurance that it stands alone, unmistakable and unchallenged.

Legal Recourse

In the dynamic landscape of business, conflicts can arise unexpectedly. With a registered trademark, you’re not just protecting a logo or a name—you’re arming yourself with a legal powerhouse. In the event of infringement, you have the right to take legal action, ensuring that your brand’s integrity is upheld in a court of law.

Asset Value

Think of your registered trademark as a valuable asset. It’s not just a symbol; it’s a stamp of authenticity, trust, and quality. A registered trademark adds substantial value to your business, making it more attractive to investors, partners, and potential buyers. It’s an investment in the future success and growth of your brand.

Exclusive Rights

Trademark registration grants you exclusive rights to use your mark in connection with your goods or services. This exclusivity is a powerful tool, allowing you to carve out a unique space in the market. It’s not just about protection; it’s about giving your brand the space it needs to thrive and shine amidst the competition. 

Global Recognition

In an interconnected world, your brand knows no borders. Trademark registration provides a foundation for global expansion by securing your rights in key markets. It’s the passport your brand needs to travel and thrive on the international stage.

Longevity and Renewal

Unlike some protections that have expiration dates, a registered trademark can last indefinitely with timely renewals. It provides your brand with a lasting legacy, ensuring that its identity endures through the years. Think of it as a commitment to the timeless success of your business.

Why We’re Your Trusted Partner?

Simon Le Lawyer at LTS LAW
Kevin Phan_Lawyer at LTS LAW

Our Trademark Registration Process

“The world of business is a bustling battleground, and your brand name is your flag, your rallying cry. At LTS Law Firm, we understand that safeguarding that symbol is paramount to your success. Just like an intricate estate plan protects your loved ones, our meticulous Trademark Registration services build a fortress around your brand, shielding it from copycats and empowering you to conquer the market.

Begin your trademark registration journey with a personalized consultation with our expert intellectual property (IP) attorneys. In this collaborative session, we delve into the essence of your brand. Your vision, values, and aspirations become our guiding stars. Our seasoned attorneys assess the distinctiveness of your mark, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your business goals. Consider this your brand’s compass-setting moment—an essential step toward a secure and flourishing future. 

With a profound understanding of your brand, we embark on a comprehensive search expedition. Our dedicated team meticulously navigates the vast trademark landscape to ensure your desired mark is not only unique but also free from potential conflicts. This step isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s the foundation for a successful trademark registration, ensuring your brand stands out in the crowded marketplace. 

Armed with a clear path, our IP experts take the helm to prepare a meticulous trademark application. This isn’t just paperwork—it’s legal craftsmanship. Every detail is carefully considered and covered, maximizing your chances of approval. Your brand transforms from an idea to a legally recognized entity—a powerful symbol ready to conquer the market. This is where the magic of legal protection begins.

With the application finely tuned, we hit the submit button, officially setting your trademark registration in motion. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We believe in proactive advocacy. Our team actively follows up with the relevant authorities, keeping you informed at every twist and turn. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we’re here to navigate the registration process on your behalf.

The moment you’ve been waiting for—celebrate the success of your brand’s official registration! Your trademark is now a legal powerhouse, armed with the protection it deserves. This confirmation isn’t just a document; it’s a testament to the future success and longevity of your business. With a legally protected trademark, your brand is poised for greatness, securing its place in the market for years to come.

Timeline for Trademark Registration in Vietnam 

Please note*: This is an estimated timeline; actual durations may vary depending on case complexity, delays, and opposition proceedings.


  • Conduct a preliminary trademark search to ensure availability. 

  • Determine the goods or services covered by the trademark. 

  • Prepare the necessary documents, including a clear representation of the trademark. 

Weeks 01- 02 

Filing the Application

  • Submit the trademark application to the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) in Vietnam. 

  • Pay the filing fees. 

 Weeks 03 – 04

Formal Examination

  • The NOIP conducts a formal examination of the application. 

  • If there are any deficiencies, you may be required to address them. 

Months 01 – 02

Substantive Examination 

  • The NOIP conducts a substantive examination of the trademark’s registrability. 

  • This may involve evaluating distinctiveness and similarity to existing trademarks. 

Months 03 – 09


  • If the trademark application is approved, it will be published in the Official Gazette.

Months 10

Opposition Period

  • There is a 2-month peiod for third parties to oppose the registration.

Months 11 – 12

Registration & Certificate

  • If no opposition is filed or if the opposition is unsuccessful, the trademark will be registered. 

  • The NOIP will issue a certificate of registration.

Months 13 – 14





Must be in Vietnamese


Images allowed & must be in Vietnamese


Must be in Vietnamese


If applicable; must be in Vietnamese


If applicable; must be in Vietnamese


If applicable; must be in Vietnamese


If applicable; must be in Vietnamese


If applicable; must be in Vietnamese translation if not originally in Vietnamese


Additional Notes*: 

  • All documents must be in Vietnamese, except for those marked “Optional”. 

  • Optional documents in another language require Vietnamese translation if requested by the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP). 

  • Contact LTS Law Firm for assistance and a free consultation! 

Intellectual Property Excellence Beyond Trademark Registration

While trademarks safeguard your brand identity, LTS Law Firm offers a full suite of intellectual property (IP) services to protect your business comprehensively. Our experienced attorneys can assist you with:

Patent Registration

Copyright Protection

Trade Secret & Confidentiality

Licensing & IP Agreements

 IP Litigation & Enforcement:

IP Audits and Due Diligence


As a new business owner, I was overwhelmed by the legalese of trademark registration. LTS Law Firm took all the stress out of the process. They clearly explained my options, handled all the paperwork, and even celebrated with me when my trademark was approved. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to protect their brand!.

Our innovative technology deserved the best protection. LTS Law Firm went above and beyond, not only securing our trademark but also advising on strategic branding decisions. Their expertise and dedication were invaluable in launching our startup successfully.

“Our family’s legacy is built on trust and quality. LTS Law Firm helped us secure a trademark that reflects those values, ensuring future generations can carry on our tradition. Their professionalism and understanding of our family business needs made them the perfect partner.”

“Expanding internationally meant protecting our brand across different markets. LTS Law Firm’s global reach and legal expertise were instrumental in securing our trademarks in multiple countries. Their responsiveness and clear communication made the process seamless.

“I was hesitant about trademarking due to the cost, but LTS Law Firm offered affordable solutions tailored to my budget. They were transparent and honest throughout the process, ensuring I got the most value for my investment. Now, my brand feels secure and ready to grow.”

Ready to elevate your brand to new heights?

 Secure its future with trademark registration from LTS Law Firm. Schedule a consultation today and embark on the journey to transform your brand into an enduring legacy.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A registered trademark strengthens your brand identity, safeguarding it from competitors and preventing customer confusion. It establishes exclusive rights to your mark for specific goods or services, enabling you to control its use and build brand equity.

    Our experienced IP attorneys handle a comprehensive range of trademarks, including wordmarks, logos, slogans, designs associated with your brand. We can also guide you through the registration process for geographical indications and collective marks.

    Our transparent fee structure provides you with a clear understanding of the expenses involved, and we offer competitive rates while maintaining the highest quality service. We conduct thorough searches to minimize the risk of objections and expedite the registration process, saving you time and money.

    While the process typically takes 12-18 months, we employ efficient strategies and maintain close communication with the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (NOIP) to optimize the timeline. We keep you informed at every stage and proactively address any potential delays. 

    Our IP team comprises specialized and highly qualified attorneys with extensive experience in Vietnamese trademark law. We prioritize personalized attention, providing bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs and business objectives. We are committed to clear and proactive communication, ensuring you feel confident and informed throughout the process. 

    Although not mandatory, a comprehensive search significantly reduces the risk of encountering conflicts with existing trademarks and increases the chances of successful registration. Our in-depth search services provide valuable insights and minimize potential roadblocks.

    We possess extensive experience in negotiating with opposing parties and crafting compelling responses to address concerns raised by the NOIP. We strive to resolve objections efficiently and protect your trademark rights with the most effective strategies. 

    LTS Law Firm offers comprehensive enforcement services, including cease-and-desist letters, litigation, and other legal actions. We work diligently to safeguard your valuable trademark and deter infringement attempts. 

    Absolutely. You can renew your trademark every 10 years to maintain its protection. We simplify the renewal process and ensure timely reminders to prevent unintended lapses. 

    A grace period of 6 months exists after expiration with an additional fee. However, failure to renew within this period results in the mark lapsing. We advise you on renewal deadlines and proactively assist with the process. 

    The specific documents vary depending on the type and nature of your trademark. Our experienced team ensures you submit all necessary documents and guides you through the preparation process accurately and efficiently. 

    Yes. We possess a strong network of trusted partner firms across the globe, enabling us to seamlessly navigate the complexities of international trademark registration and secure comprehensive protection for your brand in multiple jurisdictions. 

    Selecting a descriptive or generic mark, infringing on existing trademarks, and filing in the wrong class are common mistakes. We provide expert guidance to help you choose a strong and distinctive mark and ensure proper classification for maximized protection.


    Consistent use of your trademark, actively monitoring the market for infringements, and taking prompt action against unauthorized use are crucial for maintaining its strength. LTS Law Firm offers strategic advice and ongoing support to help you effectively manage your trademark portfolio. 

    Absolutely. We believe in the importance of choosing trademarks that are not offensive, discriminatory, or deceptive. We work closely with you to select a mark that aligns with your brand values and complies with Vietnamese legal and ethical standards. 

    We provide access to advanced online tools and databases that enable you to track your trademarks, monitor for infringements, stay informed about legal developments, and manage your portfolio efficiently. These tools empower you to actively protect your valuable intellectual property. 

    Our team comprises seasoned and qualified trademark attorneys with a proven track record of success. We are passionate about protecting clients’ intellectual property and prioritize achieving favorable outcomes. 

    We differentiate ourselves through personalized attention, transparent pricing, efficient processes, and unwavering commitment to your success. We are your trusted partner for all your trademark needs.

    We maintain a comprehensive blog and resource library filled with valuable information and insights on trademarks and intellectual property, readily available for your reference. 

    We offer free consultations to discuss your trademark needs, answer your questions, and outline potential strategies. Contact us today to take the first step towards securing your brand’s valuable intellectual property. 

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