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Embark on a journey into the heart of Labor & Employment Dispute Resolution with LTS Law Firm, where our specialized services redefine excellence. In the vast landscape of workplace intricacies, our expertise shines through as we navigate and conquer challenges, ensuring a harmonious and fair resolution for all parties involved.

  • Labor Discipline Disputes typically involve alleged violations of company policies, codes of conduct, or established rules governing employee behavior and performance.
  • Uncover the finesse of LTS Law Firm in addressing Labor Discipline Disputes. Our strategic approach ensures a balanced resolution that upholds fairness and compliance.
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  • Wage Disputes refer to conflicts or disagreements between employers and employees regarding issues related to compensation, payment, or financial matters.  

  • Explore the meticulous strategies employed by LTS Law Firm in resolving Wage Disputes. We navigate the complexities to ensure just compensation and equitable outcomes.

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  • Working Hours and Overtime Disputes revolve around disagreements between employers and employees regarding issues related to the number of hours worked, adherence to established working schedules, and disputes overcompensation for overtime hours.  

  • LTS Law Firm stands as your advocate for fair labor practices and dispute resolution. 

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  • Termination or Dismissal Disputes often arise when an employee believes that their termination was unjust, unfair, or in violation of employment contracts, company policies, or labor laws.

  • Navigate the complexities of Termination or Dismissal Disputes with LTS Law Firm’s proven expertise. Our commitment to justice ensures a fair and just resolution for all parties involved.

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  • Discrimination and Harassment Claims typically revolve around actions that create a hostile or discriminatory environment based on factors such as race, gender, age, religion, disability, or other protected characteristics.

  • Witness the dedication of LTS Law Firm in addressing Discrimination and Harassment Claims. Our approach is rooted in creating workplaces free from bias and ensuring justice prevails. 

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  • Labor Health and Safety Disputes involve conflicts or disagreements in the workplace related to concerns about the safety and well-being of employees. These disputes can arise when there are perceived violations of health and safety regulations, inadequate safety measures, or incidents leading to workplace injuries or illnesses.

  • Explore how LTS Law Firm champions the cause of Health and Safety Issues. Our comprehensive strategies prioritize the well-being of employees and foster a secure work environment.

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  • Collective Bargaining Disputes occur when conflicts arise during the negotiation process between employers and labor unions or employee representatives regarding employment terms and conditions. These disputes typically involve disagreements over issues such as wages, working hours, benefits, and other terms of employment for a group of employees.

  • Unveil the artistry in resolving Collective Bargaining Disputes with LTS Law Firm. Our team facilitates negotiations that lead to agreements beneficial for all parties involved.

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  • Breach of Employment Contract refers to situations where either the employer or the employee fails to fulfill the terms and conditions outlined in the employment contract. This can lead to disputes and conflicts arising from alleged violations of contractual obligations.  

  • Experience the precision of LTS Law Firm in addressing Breach of Employment Contract disputes. Our tailored solutions ensure contractual integrity and fair resolutions. 

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  • Social Insurance and Benefits Disputes involve conflicts or disagreements related to employee entitlements and contributions to social insurance programs and other benefits. These disputes may arise when there are perceived violations or discrepancies in the provision of social insurance benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, or other employee benefits.

  • Delve into the depth of LTS Law Firm’s expertise in Social Insurance and Benefits Disputes. We navigate legal intricacies to secure the entitlements of employees.

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  • Employee Rights Violations involve conflicts or disputes arising from alleged infringements on the rights and entitlements of employees in the workplace. These disputes often revolve around violations of legal protections, fair treatment, and adherence to employment laws.

  • Witness the advocacy of LTS Law Firm in addressing Employee Rights Violations. Our approach ensures the protection and enforcement of fundamental rights in the workplace.

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  • Job Duties Disputes involve conflicts or disagreements between employees and employers regarding the scope, nature, or execution of job responsibilities. These disputes may arise when there are discrepancies, misunderstandings, or disagreements about the duties and expectations outlined in an employee’s job description or contract.  
  • Uncover the strategic resolution methods employed by LTS Law Firm in Job Duties Disputes. Our focus is on clarifying roles and responsibilities for a harmonious workplace. 
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  • Trade Secrets and Non-Compete Disputes involve conflicts or disagreements related to the protection of sensitive business information and restrictions on employees’ activities after leaving employment. These disputes often revolve around allegations of misappropriation of trade secrets, breaches of non-compete agreements, and the potential impact on the competitive landscape. 
  • Explore the sophistication of LTS Law Firm in handling Trade Secrets and Non-Compete Disputes. Our strategies protect your business interests while ensuring a fair resolution. 
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Our Labor & Employment Dispute Resolution Process

Lawyers at LTS LAW FIRM

“It’s important to note that not all disputes follow each stage, and the process may vary based on the complexity of the case and the willingness of the parties to engage in resolution efforts. Additionally, alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration are often preferred for their efficiency and potential for preserving working relationships.”

Resolving labor and employment disputes typically involves several stages, each designed to address the issues systematically. While specific steps may vary based on the nature of the dispute, the following stages provide a general framework for the resolution process:  

Labor & Employment Dispute Resolution Methods 

At LTS Law Firm, we employ a diverse array of methods to navigate the intricacies of Labor & Employment Disputes. Delve into the various approaches we utilize for effective resolution: 

Why Choose LTS LAW FIRM for Labor & Employment Dispute Resolution?

Simon Le Lawyer at LTS LAW
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What our client’s say about us

Kirstin Everton

LTS Law Firm helped me navigate a difficult and complex employment dispute. I was wrongly terminated from my job and felt lost and unsure of my rights. LTS provided me with clear and concise legal advice and helped me understand the options available to me. They fought aggressively on my behalf and ultimately secured a favorable settlement. I am incredibly grateful for their expertise and support during this challenging time.


Jane Bit

“As a small business owner, I was facing a potentially crippling wage and hour lawsuit. I contacted LTS Law Firm for help, and they immediately put my mind at ease. They conducted a thorough investigation and devised a well-crafted defense strategy. Their representation in court was exceptional, and we were able to achieve a successful outcome. I am deeply appreciative of LTS’s professionalism and dedication to my case.”


Loyd Washington

“I had an exceptional experience working with LTS Law Firm on a complex labour dispute. Their team demonstrated an in-depth understanding of employment laws and provided strategic advice that ultimately led to a favorable resolution for our company. Their dedication and expertise make them my top choice for any labour and employment-related legal matters.


Andy Guscott

“LTS Law Firm played a pivotal role in resolving our labour dispute swiftly and efficiently. Their legal team demonstrated a deep understanding of employment laws and presented innovative solutions to protect our interests. Their commitment to client satisfaction and their ability to navigate the complexities of our case make them a trusted partner for any organization facing employment challenges.”


Brigit Guscott

“I am immensely grateful for the outstanding support provided by LTS Law Firm in resolving our labour and employment dispute. Their team exhibited professionalism, responsiveness, and a profound knowledge of employment laws. They guided us through the process with clarity and determination, ultimately achieving a successful resolution. I wholeheartedly endorse LTS Law Firm for their exceptional legal services.”


Navigating the intricacies of disputes related to the responsibilities of a company’s directors and managers requires a keen understanding of corporate governance. At LTS LAW FIRM, our seasoned lawyers and legal professionals bring a wealth of experience in advising and supporting clients through such matters, ensuring a resolution that aligns with legal requirements and industry best practices.

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Disputes among shareholders, company members or between a company and its shareholders or company members demand a delicate touch and strategic approach. We specialize in addressing conflicts related to profit distribution, as well as matters concerning positions, rights, and obligations within the company. Our track record reflects successful resolutions that prioritize the interests of all parties involved. 

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Our expertise extends to civil matters entailing the cancellation of decisions and resolutions of the Members’ Council, the Shareholders’ General Meeting, the Board of Directors, and other key bodies within joint-stock and limited liability companies. We employ a meticulous approach to safeguard your interests and uphold legal integrity.

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Our expertise extends to disputes over contracts involving the transfer of shares, distributed profits, and assets in limited liability and joint-stock companies. We understand the nuances of these transactions and work diligently to protect your interests, providing strategic counsel to resolve disputes efficiently.

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Why Act Now in Labor & Employment Disputes?

Addressing labor and employment disputes promptly is crucial. Learn about the importance of taking proactive steps and why acting now can lead to timely and effective resolutions. 

Preventing Escalation

  • Early intervention can prevent the escalation of disputes into more complex and contentious issues.
  • Addressing conflicts promptly can often lead to faster resolutions and reduce the risk of disputes intensifying.

Protecting Legal Rights

  • Swift action helps protect the legal rights and interests of both employers and employees.
  • Timely interventions allow for a more strategic approach to dispute resolution, ensuring that all relevant legal considerations are addressed.

Compliance with Legal Timelines

  • Many labor and employment laws have specific timelines for addressing disputes. 
  • Acting promptly ensures compliance with these legal timelines, avoiding potential legal consequences for delayed actions. 


  • Acting promptly in response to labor and employment disputes can be more cost-effective.
  • Early resolution often requires fewer resources and legal expenses compared to prolonged disputes that may lead to litigation.

Demonstrating Commitment to Resolution

  • Taking immediate action signals a commitment to resolving issues in good faith.
  • This commitment can positively influence the perception of all parties involved and contribute to a more cooperative resolution process.

Avoiding Legal Complications

  • Delayed action may lead to legal complications, especially if disputes escalate to the point of litigation. 
  • Proactive steps can help navigate the legal landscape more effectively, potentially avoiding prolonged and costly court proceedings. 
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