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Tax and Accounting Services 

Stay informed on the dynamic taxation and accounting landscape with our expert assistance. Our team ensures compliance with Vietnamese regulations, managing your general ledger, and handling license fee exemptions, tax declarations, and compliance obligations. Let us simplify the complexities, keeping your business updated and aligned with Vietnamese tax and accounting regulations effortlessly.

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Regulatory Tax & Accounting Compliance 

Compliance with Statutory Accounting Standards

Full-Scope Personal and Corporate Tax Compliance

Additional accounting services

Obtain a robust comprehension of the risks and issues warranting attention within your organization and assess their financial implications.

Employing a checklist-oriented strategy, we will scrutinize your company’s tax compliance and lodgment history, commonly known as a Corporate Health Check, to facilitate the minimization of risks and future tax exposures.

Reinforce the control and compliance framework through internal manuals and policies, ensuring alignment with the corporate requirements of the group and Vietnam’s tax obligations.

Our vast experience includes crafting manuals and guidelines collaboratively with regional and global teams, guaranteeing corporate governance, uniformity across regions, and adherence to local compliance. 

Evaluating deadlines, software, and policies, we formulate the requisite processes and procedures to guarantee VAS compliance and streamline the conversion for reporting in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and US Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP). 

In instances of historical corrective action or when dealing with an unreliable accounting function, we assign an individual or team to rectify and recreate compliant records for your company.

Each week, we undertake the review and uploading of your approved payment batch into the online banking software. This simplifies the payment process for clients who frequently travel, providing the option to review and approve payments via email and online with the bank token.

For effective finance and accounting operation and management, enterprises need an Internal Financial Policy.

This policy outlines provisions for internal expenses, allowances, and benefits for the company’s staff.

We will assist in creating a policy that aligns with Vietnamese law, meets the owner’s requirements, and is tailored to the company’s actual operation.

The draft will be prepared based on discussions with the client, reviewed by the client after one round of amendments, and then finalized for usage in the final format. One-time fee applies.

In our suite of crisis management services, we address critical situations such as strikes, management of key employee terminations, tax audits, and labor audits.

Our designated personnel will accompany you throughout the entire duration until the crisis is resolved.

Foreign Investment Reports:

Vietnamese regulations mandate that all foreign-owned companies submit monthly, quarterly, and annual foreign investment reports to the Department of Planning and Investment (DPI).

Our services include aiding the company in the preparation and submission of these required reports. 

Statistical Reports: 

Vietnamese companies must submit diverse statistical reports annually to the relevant authorities, considering their income sources, licensed activities, loan status, and employment decisions.

We stand ready to assist the company in fulfilling these obligations as they occur.

Monthly fees apply. 

Working alongside investors involved in transactions in Vietnam, we carry out tax due diligence on target companies, often concurrently with financial due diligence.

These processes aim to obtain an accurate assessment of the potential investment entity, facilitating pricing considerations and identifying matters for rectification in documentation or post-investment. 

We will assist in the preparation of Form 1 as mandated by Decree 20/2017/ND-CP, utilizing the accounting records maintained by LTS and your company’s supporting documents.

The completed form will be sent to you for approval. Additional supporting services related to transfer pricing compliance will be discussed, and separate billing will apply. 

Our services also cover: 

  • Compiling a report on transactions with related parties (affiliates) 
  • Sending to the local tax authorities within 90 days after the financial year-end date. 

We assess and bridge gaps in language and skillsets, particularly addressing VAS statutory bookkeeping requirements compared to international standards and expectations.

Our focus is on ensuring error-free reports that align with your industry and meet Vietnamese requirements.

Upon obtaining the initial investment license, you are required to register with the authorities and open bank accounts.

Our team will assist you in preparing for these procedures and ensure timely completion. 

Upon approval by a competent authority within the company, we will receive requests for invoice issuance from the client’s internal staff, ensuring the information is sufficient and accurate.

We will then review the details provided and proceed to issue invoices.

The processing of invoice issuance is anticipated on a weekly basis, subject to the volume of invoices.

We can discuss and agree upon an appropriate process and timeline to cater to your specific needs.

The monthly fee is 1,500,000VND for up to 10 invoices per month.

Vietnamese companies with loans from offshore sources, be it short-term or medium/long-term loans from corporates/organizations or individuals, must compile reports on foreign loan implementation and submit them to the State Bank of Vietnam on a quarterly basis. We can support the company in fulfilling these obligations as they arise. Monthly fee applies. 

While operating the company, challenges may emerge due to unclear provisions in current Vietnamese laws regarding appropriate actions/processes.

In such cases, seeking advice from relevant authorities becomes essential.

Upon the client’s request, we will draft an Official Letter to solicit guidance from the authorities on specific issues.

We will engage in discussions with the company to elucidate these matters and key points, and the Official Letter will be prepared based on the agreed content.

The client’s internal staff can submit the Official Letter to the relevant authority, or we can provide support if needed.

One-off fee per Official Letter. 

Establishing sound financial records is crucial for effective financial reporting and decision-making.

Our qualified accountants make use of various software platforms (desktop, cloud-based) to control costs and facilitate real-time data interaction and analysis from any part of the world.

Paired with extensive knowledge in practical management accounting, we can alleviate the administrative workload for your staff. 

We offer a fully operational finance and accounting outsourcing service, strategically enhancing the value derived from your finance and accounting processes.

Whether it’s transactions, financial reports, compliance, or cost-saving initiatives, our services cover end-to-end finance and accounting processes, including pay-to-procure (P2P), order-to-cash (O2C), and record-to-report (R2R) solutions. 

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