Employer of Record (EoR) Services in Vietnam

Discover a smoother path to Vietnam. Our EoR employment services offer a legal and efficient entry strategy, eliminating the need for establishing a local entity.

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Employer of Record (EoR) Services in Vietnam
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Our Professional & Excellent Employer of Record (EoR) Services

Chart your success in Vietnam with LTS LAW, the go-to Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Trust us as the official Employer of Record (EoR) for efficient staff management. Our PEO services streamline employment outsourcing, positioning your business for a successful journey ahead.

HR Administrative Services in Vietnam.

What is an EoR/PEO service in Vietnam?

When should you leverage EoR service in Vietnam?

Leveraging an Employer of Record (EoR) service is ideal in several situations, especially when entering the Vietnam market. Here are some scenarios where EoR can be particularly beneficial:

In summary, EoR is a strategic solution for businesses seeking a quick, cost-effective, and flexible way to enter new markets while minimizing legal and compliance complexities. It offers a practical alternative to traditional company formation, especially in Vietnam where LTS LAW seems to specialize.

Streamline remote team building in Vietnam with our comprehensive guide

Dive into Vietnam’s market seamlessly with our PEO solution. Minimize upfront costs, focus on exploration. Our straightforward pricing ensures clarity—no hidden charges. Empower your business in Vietnam without worrying about budget constraints

Full-menu EoR services

Seamless Onboarding Experience For Your New Team

Look at our tailor-made EoR proposal for the expansion project in Vietnam.

Complete, sign, and review LTS LAW onboarding papers. Welcome aboard!

LTS LAW sends the initial invoice for the project deposit and the employee’s first payroll month to facilitate onboarding.

Gathering onboarding details, crafting employment agreement.

LTS LAW drafts employment agreements & sends them to your employee for review & signature.

Agreement signed, compliantly onboarded on local payroll.

LTS LAW’s initial payroll invoice will be sent for your employee’s monthly compensation.

LTS LAW ensures ongoing support for all HR queries, providing guidance and assistance to you and your teams as needed.

LTS LAW Provides Ongoing Supports

EoR Commencement: A Steppingstone for Your Regional Venture. Partner with us for sustained regulatory compliance and seamless business management in Vietnam. 

HR administrative services in Vietnam

Embark on a risk-free Vietnam venture without the need for entity setup. Start your journey in Vietnam risk-free without having to set up your own entity.

When prepared, we’ll aid in establishing a local entity and transitioning your EoR employees seamlessly. 

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Relax, entrust accounting and tax duties to us for worry-free compliance and peace of mind in your business operations.

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Simplify payroll with LTS LAW’s efficient and prompt processing, eliminating the need for an in-house HR team.

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Explore our comprehensive solutions for seamless employment management tailored to meet all your business needs in Vietnam. 

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