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Representative Office in Viet Nam

Our Representative Office Opening Services enable foreign companies to comprehend the Vietnam market, formulate strategies, and utilize the Representative Office as a steppingstone for subsequent establishment of a foreign-owned company.

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 Representative Offices Setting Up in Vietnam  

The standard strategy for foreign enterprises is forming a foreign-owned company to secure a formidable commercial presence. Despite this, a Representative Office in Vietnam can serve as a fitting structure for establishing a business presence in specific situations.

Functions of Representative Office in Vietnam

In line with Vietnamese law, representative offices in Vietnam possess the legal right to:

Conduct market research

Serve as a coordinating office 

Boosting investment for foreign parent company

Procedure for Registering Representative Office in Vietnam

In just three steps, register your Representative Office in Vietnam effortlessly

Timeline for Registering Representative Office in Vietnam

Discover the timeline for establishing a representative office in Vietnam

Within 01 week
Within 03 weeks
Within 02 weeks

*Important: Allocate ample time for the collection of essential documents from the investor’s home country.

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