HR Administrative Services in Vietnam

Explore our comprehensive HR administrative services tailored for startups and small businesses lacking dedicated HR teams. We ensure the seamless and timely implementation of corporate HR policies, fostering compliance and security in every aspect

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HR administrative services in Vietnam.
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Time-saving with HR Administrative Services

Ready to expand your team? Let us streamline your HR tasks, from addressing staff inquiries to establishing company regulations and handling contract documents. Our administrative services ensure you save time while maintaining compliance. Additionally, we offer continuous payroll support, allowing you to focus on hiring and team growth with confidence.

HR Administrative Services in Vietnam.

Our HR Administrative Services

LTS LAW possesses a thorough comprehension of labor contract requirements in Vietnam, encompassing probationary periods to notice terms. We guarantee error-free contracts, preventing potential costly mistakes in the process. 

Maintaining consistency with global policies and regional practices poses a challenge. Collaborating with multinational employers, we formulate labor regulations and strategies, ensuring compliance with Vietnamese law while retaining flexibility aligned with global best practices.

Employment compliance is crucial to avoid legal repercussions. Our continuous support ensures your practices align with the law, minimizing the risk of employee actions. We assist in various employment and termination scenarios, providing expert guidance to safeguard your business.

We streamline staff insurance claims and collaborate with labor authorities on your behalf for efficient and practical resolutions. Our goal is to ensure a hassle-free process in dealing with both insurance claims and labor-related issues, delivering straightforward and effective outcomes.

In Vietnam, trade union contributions are mandatory, regardless of internal union establishment. We offer guidance on processes, obligations, and best practices to navigate these requirements. Our advice aims for optimal outcomes, benefiting both employers and employees by ensuring compliance and effective management of trade union responsibilities.

Whether you’re a foreign professional seeking employment in Vietnam or a local business hiring international talent, our immigration team expedites the work permit process. We ensure a swift and straightforward experience, facilitating seamless collaboration for both individuals and businesses navigating the complexities of work permits.

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A work permit not only grants employment authorization but also facilitates the acquisition of temporary resident cards (TRC), eliminating the necessity for visas. Seize this opportunity with our assistance, ensuring a smooth process and maximizing the benefits of your work permit.

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Cost-saving with HR Administrative Services

Count on us as your HR ally, providing ongoing support for you and your team. Access our flexible and cost-effective HR expertise when needed, saving both time and money. Our fees adapt to your team’s size, ensuring a tailored and scalable partnership that meets your specific needs. 

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Simplify team management with customized HR services designed to meet your specific needs. 

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