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Business Consulting Services in Vietnam

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Maximize success in Vietnamese transactions with our strategic approach. We tailor strategies for your objectives and explore alternative deal structures to optimize value and flexibility. Our extensive experience in successful transactions offers unique insights into the intricacies of Vietnamese dealings. What’s been the most impactful part of your transaction journey?

Evaluate a company’s financial health with precision in Vietnam through our expert Financial Due Diligence. Uncover value drivers, dependencies, and internal processes to make informed investment decisions. Trust LTS LAW’s local insights to navigate risks and seize opportunities in your venture. 

Unlock investment opportunities by prioritizing Vendor Due Diligence. Identify and rectify potential issues before buyers engage, safeguarding your enterprise value. From quick fixes to long-term compliance strategies, stay ahead of the game. Vendor Due Diligence is your key to seamless transactions and maximizing the seller’s return. 

Secure your investment success with our data room expertise. Ensure efficient storage and controlled access to vital financial and transaction data. Rely on independent professionals to handle data preparation and maintenance, minimizing obstacles in the Sale and Purchase Agreement process.

After sealing the deal, the key to success kicks in—unlocking opportunities and making synergies a reality. Get expert assistance in post-transaction planning and execution. Our external team evaluates effectiveness, identifies roadblocks, and offers unbiased recommendations. We’re vested in your financial success, not in our interests.

Discover the true worth of your business with Acclime’s expert valuations in Vietnam. Our seasoned team employs data-driven models for precise assessments, offering both concise summaries and in-depth valuations. Gain clarity on your business’s potential value, empowering investors and sellers with valuable insights.

Step confidently into Vietnam’s market with our formation services. We offer more than just setup assistance – our expert advice and solutions are tailored for new investors. Ensure a successful entry by gaining strategic insights, identifying ideal business locations, and staying informed about potential restrictions. Let us be your guide to triumph in the Vietnamese business landscape. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Ever wondered how to assess a potential business deal thoroughly?

Financial Due Diligence (FDD) is your key.

Explore the financial heartbeat of a target company, unveiling crucial insights into its value drivers, internal systems, and potential risks.

But wait, there’s more! Discover the impact of tax risks on market value, as we seamlessly integrate Tax Due Diligence (TDD) into our FDD process.

In Vietnam, our analysts leave no stone unturned, diving deep into operations, finance, accounting, tax, and employment areas.

Key Inclusions: 

  • Business Background and Operations 
  • Financial Analysis 
  • Accounting Compliance 
  • Tax Compliance 
  • Labour & Human Resources Compliance 

Ready to elevate your investment game?

Dive into FDD for a comprehensive view. 

When it comes to financial scrutiny, audits and Financial Due Diligence (FDD) serve distinct purposes. An audit ensures a company’s adherence to compliance rules and accurate financial reporting, mainly benefiting current stakeholders. On the other hand, FDD, commissioned by either the buyer or the seller, aims to provide potential investors with a comprehensive view of a company’s performance and associated risks. 

Unlike audits, FDD delves deep into a company’s business plan, future prospects, corporate structure, and legal landscape. While audits offer general data on market trends, FDD reports provide a detailed analysis of the factors influencing these trends. Audits are recurring events, but FDD is initiated on an occasional basis for specific business transactions.

Completing a comprehensive due diligence exercise in Vietnam typically takes 06 to 08 weeks.

Our efficient process ensures a thorough review, providing valuable insights for your business decisions.

While this timeframe is ideal, our team remains flexible for further discussions and adjustments based on your needs.

Fast-track your success with our proven due diligence approach.

In accordance with Vietnamese law, RPTs involve transactions between parties with related-party relationships.

This includes situations where one party can control or significantly influence another in financial and operational decisions.

Our expert guidance clarifies the legalities surrounding RPTs, ensuring your business transactions align with Vietnamese regulations.

While RPTs within the same corporate group are standard, beware of potential pitfalls.

In Vietnam, if RPTs are perceived as profit-shifting for tax evasion, they may be flagged as transfer pricing activities.

Our compliance solutions guide you through Vietnamese tax regulations, helping you prevent transfer pricing risks and ensuring seamless business operations.

Our streamlined corporate valuation process assesses your business using proven methods like earnings multiples and discounted cash flow.

Typically, our initial valuation report takes just around 04 weeks when all necessary information is provided.

Plus, we adjust the valuation based on due diligence results and negotiation outcomes.

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