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LTS Detectives & Investigators is a private detective firm located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our team of detectives and investigators consists of a network of seasoned professional investigators with legal background and/or law enforcement experience. LTS Detectives and Investigators provide surveillance and investigation services throughout Vietnam.
LTS Detectives & Investigators provides a full-menu service to various types of clients, from private individuals to insurance companies, corporations, foreigners or foreign companies. Our private investigation agency is a company duly incorporated and existing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Our skilled investigators and detectives can make you safe, secure and satisfied.


LTS Detectives & Investigators provide a full menu of investigation-related services throughout Vietnam. LTS Detectives & Investigators will surely deliver any results you need for your purpose whether you want to catch a cheating spouse, settle an infidelity suspicion, conduct a background check or you need to gather solid evidence for your purpose, etc. as long as such missions will be carried out within the territory of Vietnam. Our experienced professional detectives and investigators are always ready to work for you, diligently, thoroughly and confidentially. We provide the following services:

Our team of experienced detectives and investigators has extensive backgrounds in carrying out civil investigations and surveillance in Vietnam

Whenever you want to get to know someone whom you will hire to take care of your family members, work in your company or rent your property, you just need a trustworthy source of information about the candidate before you make a decision.

Within the territory of Vietnam, LTS Detectives and Investigators can help you with:

  • Banking & Finance Background Check
  • Fiance Background Check
  • Employee Background Check

Background Checks on others including Potential Renters, Potential Lessees, Divers, Nannies, Maids, Maintenance Technicians, etc.

LTS Detectives & Investigators are willing to answer any questions to help you find solutions to your problems. Our detectives and investigators will help you gather all the relevant facts, information and solid evidence you need to finalize your decisions.

  • Civil Investigation
  • Background Checks
  • Gold Digger Investigations
  • Identity Theft
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Financial Fraud

Do you ever need to obtain photo and video evidence when you believe that your partner has been cheating or doing something, not in your interest?

LTS Detectives & Investigators are experts in Vietnam in Surveillance and Investigations which are the most common service we have been offering our clients who need photo/video evidence of their partners cheating or other issues.

Surveillance and Investigations are used to obtain photo/video evidence which can be accepted by the Court or other State agencies of Vietnam.

Our Surveillance and Investigations team deploys such the most advanced digital camera devices to obtain the good quality evidence that it cannot be denied due to its poor quality. Our Vietnamese detectives and investigators can get all the evidence required regardless of the tasks taking place during night time.

Surveillance and Investigations are not illegal in Vietnam and LTS Detectives and Investigators always ensure its services Confidential, Professional and Discreet. Upon completion of any Surveillance and Investigations task, we will compile and deliver a report containing all photo/video evidence obtained.

LTS Detectives and Investigators have a network of detectives and investigators all across Vietnam. We always provide dedicated customer support (24/7).

Why should you use our Vietnam Surveillance and Civil Investigation services?

  • Just in case you fall in one of the following most common reasons:
  • To monitor what your partner is doing behind your back if you have that pit in your stomach
  • To collect photo/video proof of someone’s bad behavior or even your partner cheating
  • To keep an eye on someone’s behavior with your family members just in case you are not around
  • To monitor your family members while you are at work or in a business trip
  • To check if your partner cheats on you while they are going on a trip
  • To see if someone is lying about something
  • To monitor your employees whilst they are at work
  • To keep an eye on someone you care about

Regardless of the circumstance, your team of Vietnamese detectives and investigators can get you the evidence you need

Whenever you have any doubts about your relationship, you always want to know as quickly as possible for sure. Our Vietnamese detectives and investigators will give you the answer quickly. Due to the sensitive nature of domestic investigations, our Vietnamese detectives and investigators will handle your domestic case thoroughly and confidentially.

  • Surveillance and Civil Investigation
  • Cheating Spouse/ Infidelity
  • Child Custody
  • Divorce

In Vietnam, when a suspicion comes to your mind that someone is filing a fraudulent claim against your insurance, just order, our team is ready to help you solve the problem. Our seasoned team of Vietnamese detectives and investigators with a law enforcement background always knows how to gather solid evidence to help you eliminate insurance fraud.

  • Property Insurance Fraud
  • Health Care Insurance Fraud
  • Life Insurance Fraud
  • Workers’ Compensation Fraud

In what circumstances do you need to investigate a company or an employee? Do you do it yourself or engage a professional to do so? How do you conduct a civil investigation in Vietnam against someone while you have never been trained to do so? How can you react if the target detects your investigation?

Your business in Vietnam faces risks every day due to internal and external factors. When you suspect that an employee is stealing company assets or knowhows, disclosing confidential information, or your business is being defrauded… our team of Vietnamese detectives and investigators with law enforcement background is ready to help you identify suspects and perform the civil investigation secretly and thoroughly to collect solid evidence against suspects as soon as possible.

  • Employee Background Check
  • Corporate Surveillance and Investigation
  • Fraud Investigation

LTS Detectives & Investigators specialize in conducting civil investigations against companies and employees in Vietnam. We have successfully served many clients who need to undertake due diligence on particular companies and employees before they enter into a business relationship.

Many clients these days engage us to conduct civil investigations as to their potential/ existing business partners or even their employees for various reasons. Based on clients’ needs, we will offer a perfect solution which is to covertly do surveillance and civil investigations on the target businesses or employees to obtain photo/video proof of the targets’ behaviors.

  • The corporate and employee investigations in Vietnam cover the following services:
  • To collect the photo/video evidence of certain actions of companies or employees
  • To conduct finance and banking background checks
  • To conduct employee background checks
  • To conduct background checks on others including potential renters, potential lessees, divers, nannies, maids, maintenance technicians, etc.
  • To investigate identity theft, financial fraud
  • To investigate property insurance fraud, health care insurance fraud, workers’ compensation fraud
  • To identify if an employee is stealing company property, knowhows or disclosing confidential information
  • To check if clients’ competitors are using unfair competitive acts
  • To find out if clients’ businesses are defrauded

Do you want to find someone who is your lost love, your family member, or even a runaway? LTS Detectives and Investigators have a network of experienced detectives and investigators throughout Vietnam to locate and contact the people with whom you’ve lost touch. Besides, our Vietnamese detectives and investigators can also locate missing persons or runaways.

  • Find Lost Loves
  • Find Runaways
  • Find Friends & Family
  • Find Missing Person

It is affordable now for you to use a GPS vehicle tracking device to track your partner’s vehicle. It can help you obtain evidence of your partner’s itinerary. It is completely cost reasonable and extremely secret.

Our Listening Devices are the great tools to enable you to record evidence where necessary. They can help you listen to live conversations.

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