Dora Tran

Dora Tran (Ms.)

Senior Associate


Tel: (8428) 6287 4492


Address: #520 Cach Mang Thang Tam Str., Ward 11, Dist. 3, HCMC, Vietnam

Dora Tran

Dora has many years of legal practice in the field of corporate and commercial, domestic and foreign investment, tax and accounting, labor, HR and payroll. Dora has assisted many foreign investors to set up and maintain their companies in Vietnam and is appreciated by her clients as a responsible, dedicated and efficient expert.
Dora is now working as a team leader handling FDI company formation, tax and accounting, labor, HR and payroll.
Regardless of the circumstances, Dora is always ready to support clients with the highest sense of responsibility and focus. As a team leader, she has always proven herself to be the person who is always there to support her colleagues when they are facing legal challenges or difficulties. She is, therefore, always respected by her colleagues in terms of deep knowledge, expertise and effective work.
Dora always thinks that her own development is always associated with the development of the company and vice versa.
Therefore, in any situation, Dora always devotes herself to her work and to the company. That explains why Dora possesses a considerable amount of knowledge and experience compared to her peers.
Dora is taking cautious steps but surely becoming a good lawyer, qualified and capable of handling complex legal issues of the most demanding clients and thereby, creating added value for her clients, the company and herself.

Professional background:

  • Bachelor of Laws, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law
  • Graduated from the lawyer training course at Judicial Academy