Company Incorporation in Vietnam for Foreigners

Vietnam remains the fastest-growing economy in Southeast Asia in the last few years. Its economy maintains a significant growth rate. Thus, Vietnam is an ideal country for foreigners to set up a business. At LTS LAW, we offer a Vietnam company setup experience that is unique. Establishing a Vietnam company involves various step-by-step processes and legal documents. You will not be required to be physically present in Vietnam for the opening of your Vietnam company bank account. Our team of lawyers and professionals will advise you through the whole process, securing accomplishment in the most professional manner. To begin, you just need to order and our legal specialists will contact you instantly.

You can seek our online support for your company registration in a secure chat. In addition to company incorporation, our Premium Package includes Bank Account Opening, Registered Virtual Address for one year. We can also help you get a Temporary Residence Card (for foreign shareholders) which allows a 2-year stay in Vietnam with an unlimited number of entries/exits.

(Applicable in Ho Chi Minh City only)

Premium Package

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Company Incorporation 
Not included: Mandatory Accounting, Audit & Tax Service, Bank Account Opening Registered Virtual Address – choose your price plan here.
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Vietnam Company Registration You need to provide us certain documents (passports, if individual shareholders; corporate documents, if corporate shareholders) and information about your company name, invested capital, shareholder details, etc. We will prepare an application and other supporting documents in 1 – 2 days. The whole registration process can be as fast as 2 – 3 weeks. The price also covers the filing fee (US$4.5). 
Registered Virtual Address for 1 year LTS’s Virtual Office Service ($45/month)
Mandatory Bank Account Opening in Vietnam An FDI company must open a “direct foreign investment account” at a bank in Vietnam to receive investment capital from its shareholders and one or more VND transaction accounts. In addition, it can also open other transaction accounts in other foreign currencies.
Mandatory Accounting We understand that well-prepared accounting books are an essential part of your company’s compliance.

This service includes accounting, taxation and all related filings. Please choose an accounting package based on your company’s number of transactions and receipts.

Nominee Director/ Shareholder We will bill you annually

Tóm tắt nội dung

Additional one-off services you may be interested in

Temporary Residence Cards (TRC)

100% refund for rejected applications.

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Work Permit

100% refund for rejected applications.

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Bank Account opening support

Requires your presence at the bank.


Company stamp

Self-inking rubber company stamp.


Digital Signature Registration

Required for online corporate transactions with the government agencies (for instance: filings of tax returns, payment of tax, social insurance premiums, etc.).



Registering a Vietnam company? Here’s the only company registration guide you’ll ever need.

Do I need a Vietnamese resident to register for a Vietnamese company?

No, you don’t. Your company must have a Director and can have as many Deputy Directors as you want and any of them doesn’t need to be local. In other words, you do not need to have a nominee director if you don’t want so.

No, you don’t. An individual shareholder like you does not need to obtain a Vietnamese work permit to work for your Vietnamese company. However, you need to apply for a Work Permit Exemption instead. It’s a type of special working visa issued to foreign shareholders of Vietnamese companies. It allows you to work exclusively for your company. It’s valid for 1 or 2 years and can be renewed afterward.

Your Vietnamese company must obtain Work Permits for any other foreigners who work for your Vietnamese company, except for the cases where such employee is also exempt from a Work Permit as well (in that case, they must obtain Work Permit Exemptions instead).

Yes, of course. All Vietnamese companies must have a local registered address. If you don’t have one already, use our virtual address service. We will help you handle your incoming letters, scan and store them in your LTS LAW account so you have easy access to all your documents.

We will check if your proposed company name is available. You send us a scanned copy of your passport, details on a director and shareholders, invested capital, company address. We prepare all the necessary documents, send them to you via email for your signing and returning the signed copies to us, and submit them to a provincial DPI (a local government agency of a city/ province that registers Vietnamese companies). We will help you obtain an Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) and an Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC) and once they have been issued, your Vietnamese company is operational.

Once all the documents are ready on our end, it usually takes us less than 3 weeks in total to register a Vietnamese company. The sooner you provide us with the details and signed documents, the sooner you will have your Vietnamese company registered.

Yes, but after you and your family members have obtained Temporary Residence Cards which are valid for 1 – 5 years and can be renewed afterward. These Temporary Residence Cards will also serve as your long-term visas during the terms thereof. It will take us about 1 week to help you get the Temporary Residence Cards (your DT/TT visas are required).

No, the Work Permit Exemption and Temporary Residence Card are issued per one specific company. You can only work for the employer (your Vietnamese company) that sponsors your visa. So after you’ve set up a Vietnamese company, your new Vietnamese company has to apply for your new Work Permit Exemption and Temporary Residence Card.