Vietnam Corporate Income Tax

Corporate income tax is the type of tax levied on the income [...]

Other taxable incomes in corporate income tax

As mentioned in the Article “Taxable And Tax-Exempt Incomes In Corporate Income [...]

Taxable And Tax-Exempt Incomes In Corporate Income Tax

Corporate Income Tax is levied on the income of business organizations and [...]

Tax Deductible Expenses In Vietnam

Normally, a Tax Deductible Expense is an expense that is considered ordinary, [...]

Tax Rate of Corporate Income Tax In Vietnam

The most current standard corporate income tax (CIT) rate is 20% (as [...]

Incentives on Corporate Income Tax When Investing In Vietnam

– The tax rate of 10% is applied for 15 years in [...]

Managing Labour Relations For Foreigners In Vietnam

Under Article 20 of Labour Code 2019 which shall be effective as [...]

Personal Income Tax For Foreign Employees In Vietnam

Foreign employees working in Vietnam are subject to pay personal income tax [...]

Personal Income Tax for Foreigners in Vietnam (Part 10)

Following Part 3 specializing on incomes from capital investment, Part 4 on [...]

Signing labor contracts in Vietnam

After establishing a company, recruitment of employees is one of the issues [...]