Applying for a visa for a foreigner during Covid 19

In the context of the epidemic Covid 19 worldwide, the Government of Vietnam has temporarily stopped issuing visas to foreigners since 00:00 on March 18, 2020.

Currently, according to the needs of enterprises and the domestic epidemic control situation, the Government of Vietnam has approved to grant visas to foreigners to enter Vietnam. However, foreigners must meet immigration and health conditions to be granted a Vietnam visa.

So how were foreigners able to enter Vietnam during Covid 19?

Tóm tắt nội dung

I. Subjects

Foreigners must fall into one of the following cases

–  Technical experts;

–  High-tech labor;

–  Foreign investor;

–  Business managers.

iI. Procedures

Foreigners falling into the cases mentioned in Section 1 above must be guaranteed by an enterprise to perform the following procedures:

Step 1: Apply for entry at the People’s Committee. The application documents include:

+   An application explaining the demand for foreign labor;

+   List of foreigners expected to enter Vietnam;

+   Passport of foreigners;

+   Other documents;

Step 2: Register the quarantine and quarantine plan at the local Department of Health.

+   Quarantine plan;

+   Contract to rent a room at the place of isolation registration;

+   Approval by the local People’s Committee;

+   Other documents.

Step 3: Apply for immigration approval from the Immigration Department.

+   Approval by the local People’s Committee and Department of Health;

+   A written request for entry approval;

+   A document introducing the seal sample of the organization or enterprise;

+   The quarantine plan of the Company;

+   Air ticket/ flight itinerary;

+   Enterprise Registration Certificate, Investment Registration Certificate;

+   Other documents.

iiI. Implementation time

Time to apply for a foreigner’s admission will be processed for at least 4 weeks.

Foreigners after obtaining entry approval and being granted a visa in case the foreigner does not have a Vietnamese visa.

iv. Attention

–   Foreigners must have flight itinerary and medical check-ups before entering Vietnam;

–   After foreigners enter Vietnam, enterprises and foreigners must meet the conditions for disease control (PCR test, 14-day quarantine at the place of quarantine registration, medical declaration …) and medical examination and treatment costs, if any.

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